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Ireland remains committed to aviation: Taoiseach

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Ireland remains committed to supporting the aviation market and ensuring the sector remains a hub for global innovation, Taoiseach Micheál Martin told Airfinance Journal in an exclusive interview with Avolon chief executive officer Domhnal Slattery.

Discussing the future of aviation at the Airfinance Journal Dublin Dialogues virtual event, Martin said the government views the aviation sector as “critical to Ireland’s growth and development into the future.”

He says Ireland has developed a centre of excellence in aircraft finance and pledged his support for that initiative.

“Ireland will maintain that global perspective through all free trade, pro-enterprise and is wedded to the corporation tax rate of 12.5%.”

He sees the need to "grow workforce skills and invest further in education", so Ireland is best positioned to develop future aviation innovators.

“It is a rich place in terms of ideas, diversity and talent. That’s why it is an exciting piece into the future in terms of your industry. We will continue to grow into the future and look forward to working with the sector to maintain our position for many years to come,” he says.

Speaking on the eve of the US presidential inauguration, Martin expects Ireland will have a "deeper relationship with the United States" as he looks forward to the  Biden presidency.

Asked what will be the implications for Ireland with Joe Biden as US president, Martin says that that within the new administration there are some people "known to us across the board".

“There is a very strong connection and ties right into the White House from an Irish perspective,” he adds.

“In terms of the Irish connection, there will be open doors. Obviously, there’ve been challenges around trade and investment and other issues, but fundamentally working together there will be a strong engagement on a number of fronts,” he added.

“We would like to see ourselves as the bridge-builder between the United States and the European Union because the EU is also looking at this moment as an opportunity to re-set the relationship.”

He says there’s an opportunity between the US and the EU, the US and the UK to have people with “common values in terms of democracy, trading speech and open trade”.

“There are opportunities there to re-cultivate that and re-nurture that type of thinking,” he says. “I’m looking forward to the global impact of a Biden presidency, notwithstanding all of the undoubted challenges that will come his way and will come our way.”

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