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Airfinance Journal produces a bi-monthly magazine that includes the latest news, analysis and data relating to the financing of airlines, aircraft leasing companies and manufactures. Airfinance Journal also produces several supplements that are printed throughout the year that focus on specific market sectors.

Subscribers have access to every magazine and supplement stored in the library, as well as being sent a hard-copy of each. 

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Latest magazine issue #64

Air Investor 2022

Cover story:

An Airfinance Journal special supplement: Air Investor 2022

  • November/December 2021

    Magazine issue #420 - November/December 2021

    Cover story:

    Calming Investors

    SMFL talks to Airfinance Journal about turbulent times.

  • Airfinance Journal 2021 Leasing Top 50

    Magazine issue #63 - Airfinance Journal 2021 Leasing Top 50

    Cover story:

    Airfinance Journal 2021 Leasing Top 50 

  • Airfinance Journal Annual 2021/22

    Magazine issue #62 - Airfinance Journal Annual 2021/22

    Cover story:

    The Airfinance Annual

    2021/22 Edition (and directory)

  • September/October 2021

    Magazine issue #419 - September/October 2021

    Cover story:

    Castlelake ups its game

    Firm leads ABS market and moves to new technology aircraft

  • Airline top 100 2021

    Magazine issue #61 - Airline top 100 2021

    Cover story:

    An Airfinance Journal special supplement: Airline top 100 2021



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