Deal Tracker

Need to track how airlines, lessors and OEMs are funding their businesses?

With access to over 15,000 aviation transactions, Deal Tracker gives you the insight to strengthen your negotiating position, identify opportunities and improve performance.

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Deal Tracker is a comprehensive and time-saving research tool, that gives you easy access to aviation financing transactions over the past decade.

Gain visibility on financial structures, amount borrowed, arrangers and law firms working on a single transaction. You can also identify pricing of comparable transactions and compare secured and unsecured volumes.

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Features and Benefits

Identify opportunities

With Deal Tracker, you can easily track how airlines, lessors and OEMs are funding their businesses, enabling you to identify opportunities and see what deals are being done.

Identify trends, understand whether trends are in favour of private equity, bank or capital markets, secured or unsecured borrowing, before determining which deal works best for you.

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