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Deal Tracker provides a detailed insight into the aircraft deals market covering both the loan and capital markets, public and private. Deal Tracker is a time-saving research tool for aviation professionals containing aircraft financing transactions over the past decade, new deals as and when they happen, the latest RFPs in need of financing and market status reports, giving you the ultimate insight to the aircraft deals market.

The tool includes details such as financial structures, amount borrowed, arrangers and law firms working on a single transaction.

Deal Tracker allows you to:

  • View the latest industry RFPs in need of financing
  • Access historic aircraft financing transactions for the loan and capital markets both public and private
  • Download quarterly market status and special reports
  • Benchmark deals against your competitors and against newly created deals
  • Perform year on year comparisons



The tool provides you comprehensive transaction data, including:


·    Deal Name

·    Borrower/Issuer

·    Country

·    Latest Event Date

·    Lessor

·    Sub-Lessee

·    Model Type

·    Amount

·    LTV

·    S&P

·    Financial Close Date

·    Story Url

·    Product Category

·    Lawyer

·    Use of Proceeds

·    Overall Arranger

·    Lessee

·    Manager/Servicer

·    Manufacturer

·    Coupon

·    Fitch

·    Listings

·    Kroll

·    Product Type

·    Region

·    Status

·    Structure

·    Sub-Lessor

·    Company Type

·    Body type

·    Tenor

·    Moody's

·    MSN

·    Deal ID


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