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Lessors cancel Airbus orders

European manufacturer Airbus reported 92 cancellations in February, according to its latest figures.

Those included one Airbus A220-300, 59 A320neo aircraft, 30 A321neo aircraft as well as a pair of A350-900s.

Macquarie Airfinance cancelled an order for one A220-300 and its backlog now stands at 31 units. Aercap cancelled one A320neo and one A321neo during the month, while BOC Aviation cancelled one A320neo, the figures show.

The Norwegian’s restructuring has led to a cancellation of outstanding aircraft orders. Under a major deal signed in 2012, and subsequently revised several times, Norwegian had agreed to purchase 100 aircraft from the European manufacturer. According to the Airbus orderbook, 58 A320neos and 30 A321neos were still outstanding for delivery as at the end of last year. 

In February the manufacturer booked an order for 10 A320neo aircraft on 11 February and one A330 for its defense division. The name of the customer was not disclosed.

Airbus delivered 32 aircraft in February, including one A220-100, one A220-300, one A350-900, 12 A320neos, 15 A321neos, and a pair of A321s.

ICBC Leasing took delivery of one A320neo (Vietnam Airlines) and one A321neo (Jazeera Airways) in February. ALAFCO took delivery of one A320neo (Sky Airline), Avolon had one new A320neo delivery to Vistara while BOC Aviation took one A320neo for Air China on forward lease. CALC also took delivery of one A320neo for Sichuan Airlines.

In January the manufacturer delivered 21 aircraft to customers.

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