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Airbus to ‘resuscitate’ export credit

Airbus chief financial officer Dominik Asam has said the manufacturer wants to “resuscitate” export credit agency (ECA) financing to assist airlines with their deliveries.

“We have already seen some successes,” Asam said during the company’s recent conference call, pointing to the share of Airbus deliveries financed through ECAs increasing to 10% in 2020 from 2% in the previous year.

“There might be certain deliveries where we need to chip in from our own balance sheet, we are prepared to do that, but only on an exceptional basis,” Asam said.

Asam added that customer financing is “very dependent” on the strength of banking and leasing and that Airbus still sees a “pretty robust financial services sector” that it will also look to use as much as possible.

Airfinance Journal’ Deal Tracker shows that Emirates Airline, Finnair, Ethiopian Airlines and Pegasus Airlines financed Airbus deliveries in the final quarter using the ECA guarantee. A total of 21 aircraft were financed or committed to ECA financing in the October-December period.

Transaction SnapshotFinnair | ECA guaranteed loan | 12-20 | €100m | 1xA350-900

Financial Close:
$121.12m USD
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