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AFJ opens submissions for 2020 Deals of the Year awards


Airfinance Journal is now taking submissions for its annual global Deals of the Year Awards, which recognise the most innovative transactions, teams and individuals in aviation finance in 2020.

Valued for their independence and transparency, our awards represent the market-leading deals rated on innovation, timing, size, complexity, ability to overcome obstacles and setting new industry benchmarks.
Over the past two years Airfinance Journal has used an online system for submissions to streamline the process.

You can access the microsite here, to submit a deal and learn more about the awards process.

However, if you have any additional queries about the system or awards process, please contact Airfinance Journal’s managing editor, Olivier Bonnassies:

This year’s categories are as follows:

Regional Awards
- Asia-Pacific Deal of the Year
- Middle East Deal of the Year
- Africa Deal of the Year
- Europe Deal of the Year
- Latin America Deal of the Year
- North America Deal of the Year

Global Product Awards
- Bank Loan Deal of the Year
- Guaranteed Financing Deal of the Year
- Tax Lease Deal of the Year
- Operating Lease Deal of the Year
- Sale and Leaseback Deal of the Year
- Structured Lease Deal of the Year
- Used Aircraft Deal of the Year
- Cargo Deal of the Year
- New fund/alternative financing platform of the Year
- Equity Deal of the Year
- M&A Deal of the Year
- Lessor Unsecured Bond Deal of the Year
- Airline Unsecured Bond Deal of the Year
- EETC Deal of the Year
- ABS Deal of the Year

Special Awards
- News Event of the Year (selected by Airfinance Journal)
- Overall Capital Markets Deal of the Year*
- Innovative Deal of the Year*
- Editor’s Deal of the Year (selected by Airfinance Journal)
- Overall Deal of the Year*
* (short-list selected by Airfinance Journal based on above submissions; winner selected by judges)

Team Awards
- Aviation Finance House of the Year
- Lessor of the Year
- Airline Treasury Team of the Year
- Lessor Treasury Team of the Year

Individual Awards
- Aviation Finance Person of the Year (selected by Airfinance Journal)
- Lifetime Achievement Award (selected by Airfinance Journal)

To qualify for entry, deals must have been closed and funded between 1 January and 31 December 2020.

As in previous years, an expert panel of judges will select the winners of all categories. This year’s judging panel includes:

Michael Halaby, Former Head of Aviation debt origination, EMEA Deutsche Bank;

John Feren, Former Executive, Aviation Capital Group and Boeing;

Michel Dembinski, Former Head of Aviation EMEA, MUFG Bank;

Bertrand Grabowski, Independent Advisor, ex-board member of DVB Bank's Aviation and Rail Businesses;

Richard Forsberg, Former Head of Strategy, Avolon.

Please note that the judges will not vote in categories in which their current or former employers are nominated.

The deadline for nominations is 4 February 2021.

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