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Lessors take large chunk of July deliveries


Toulouse-based Airbus delivered 49 aircraft in July, up from 36 in June, and added four new orders for A320neo-family aircraft.

July’s deliveries were all narrowbody aircraft, highlighting the dearth of demand for widebody aircraft which last month prompted the European OEM to trim A350 production for a second time, to five aircraft per month, after reducing output to six from 9.5 in April.

In the year to date Airbus has delivered 245 units while and 369, or 302 after cancellations.

Airbus’s July deliveries comprised 47 A320neo-family aircraft (28 A320neos, 19 A321neos) and two A220 units.

The following lessors and airlines accepted A321neo aircraft in July:

Air Transat took three (all on operating lease from Aercap) and Turkish Airlines also added three of the type in July. American Airlines, Indigo, Middle East Airlines (MEA) and TAP Portugal accepted two A321neo aircraft each. One of the TAP deliveries was an operating lease deal with GECAS.

Easyjet, Wizz Air, Iberia Express, Jetblue and Vistara each inducted one A321neo in July. The Vistara delivery was on operating from Air Lease (ALC).

These lessors and airlines took A320neo units in July:

Indigo accepted five A320neos, which were mandated as sale and leasebacks (SLBs) to several lessors including AVIC Leasing and Standard Chartered, Egyptair inducted four A320neo aircraft (all on operating lease from Aercap), Frontier added three on SLB from CDB Aviation, Easyjet and Loong Air added two each.

The following airlines added one A320neo each in July: Juneyao (operating lease with ACG), Wizz Air, Qingdao (operating lease with BOC Aviation), Colorful Guizhou (GECAS operating lease), HK Express (Aercap operating lease), Flynas (CMB Leasing operating lease), S7 Airlines (SMBC AC operating lease), Swiss, Volaris and Vistara (Avolon operating lease).

In terms of new orders, Airbus sold two A321neos to Lufthansa Technik (on behalf of the German air force) in July, as well as two A320neos to undisclosed customers.

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