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No new aircraft on the horizon: AFJ North America 2020

Avitas senior vice president Adam Pilarski believes no new aircraft will be developed for the next 15 years.

“I don’t expect any new aircraft design before mid-2030. This will give time to the OEMs for a true moon shot,” he tells delegates at the Airfinance Journal North America 2020 virtual conference.

Referring to the Boeing Max cancellation,s Pilarski says the aircraft family still makes a “good product”.

“Even with more forthcoming cancellation the backlog of the Max is still enormous and will sustain Boeing for at least a decade and a half giving them time to come up with revolutionary new products at that time,” he comments.

“They will put their efforts to try to come up with a big new product later rather than continue improving their products. We know those planes will disappear in 15 years’ time.”

“OEMs still have a lot of time to come up with new products,” he adds.

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