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Airfinance Journal’s legal survey/rising stars now open

Airfinance Journal has launched its legal survey. Law firms are asked to submit their 2018 deals by 24 May 2019.

Airfinance Journal will provide a detailed report on the aviation finance legal market, which will highlight the leading law firms by a) region and b) product type, based on deals signed last year (1 January-31 December 2018).

Recognising that a simple count of deals closed does not reflect a firm’s contribution, we are this year asking law firms to self-assess their involvement in each deal according to the following scale:

Points involvement:
5 For drafting counsel for major transaction documents;
3 For primary counsel to major transaction parties; and
1 For secondary counsel to transaction parties.

We also will take transaction complexity into account according to the following scale:

Points transaction complexity
10 For ground breaking pioneer transaction; 
7 For complex transaction, some new parties or jurisdictions;
5 For average complexity, repeat transaction with same players and jurisdictions; 
2 For less complex transaction; and
1 For low complexity.

The product types that will be considered as valid nominations include:
- Commercial loans (this includes AFIC deals and insurance products)
- Capital markets
- Export credit
- Operating leases
- Structured leases
- Sale and purchase of aircraft (a transfer of legal and/or beneficial ownership of an aircraft with no new financing involved).

Please note that novations of leases will not be counted as submissions unless there is a financing or sale and purchase transaction involved.

The results of the survey will be presented in Airfinance Journal's Guide to Aviation Lawyers 2019, which will be available in early July 2019.

Call for submissions

Law firms are invited to download a submission form here to record the 2018 deals which they advised on.

The more highly complex deals a law firm submits, the higher its chance will be of featuring prominently in the rankings.

We understand that law firms are keen to observe confidentiality, but many of the deals are already public and may exist in Airfinance Journal's Deal Tracker. To take a free trial of the tracker in order to see if your deals are already featured, please follow this link.

Please also note that transactions will be added to Deal Tracker if not already there.

Rising Stars

Law firms are invited to submit nominations for Airfinance Journal's Rising Stars - a selection of the most promising, and performing, legal associates working within aviation.

Six of the most promising legal associates in aviation finance are selected to feature in Airfinance Journal’s Annual Guide to Aviation Lawyers 2019, which will be available in early July.

Each law firm is encouraged to submit just one candidate for consideration. Please note that only associates and senior associates will be considered. We cannot accept nominations for counsels, partners or other more senior positions.

In order to participate, you need to send us a brief outline of the nominee's achievements by 24 May 2019. A photo of the nominee is also required to complete the application.

Submissions should focus on the nominee's deal portfolio and the financing structures the candidate has experience with. We also welcome a recommending quote from a partner.

Please send completed submission forms and rising stars nominations to Olivier Bonnassies at

For any queries regarding logins, or for a free trial for the Deal Tracker, please contact George Williams on, Tel: +44 20 7779 8274.


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