The powerful airline financial data and analysis service has got even better!

Get one step closer to enhancing and streamlining your airline financial analysis with our market leading data. Manage risk better, improve turnaround times, beat deadlines and optimise the use of resources.

With significantly improved performance and sophisticated new functionality, The Airline Analyst 2.0 will empower you to build the best possible picture for your business origination and portfolio monitoring!

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We only analyse airlines and we are good at it, with more than 20 years’ experience through many industry cycles

Fully compliant with IFRS 16/ASC 842, instantly acquire trusted data to support your risk rating model and build customised reports for your airline and aircraft investment strategies

The Airline Analyst 2.0 includes:

  • Data to support detailed analysis of individual airlines
    • Calculated specialised ratios for evaluating airline credits
    • Latest Twelve Months (‘LTM’) data
    • Enhanced comparability of your chosen airlines and KPIs in granular detail
    • Detailed analysis of revenue, cost structures and capital structures
  • Global coverage of approximately 220 airlines - including the “hard-to-find” ones
  • Comprehensive data spanning the last 12 years, view not just annual data but quarterly and semi-annual
  • Customised reports to allow you to create groups of airlines and perform instant peer reviews
  • Immediate collation of data for country or industry studies
  • Our analysts’ take on the latest developments and financials
  • Conversion between six currencies, from kilometres to miles and vice-versa for operating ratios

Update your analytical arsenal with The Airline Analyst 2.0

  • Actively used by major OEMs, airlines, consultants, suppliers and aircraft financiers
  • Enhance productivity of scarce analyst resource
  • Save time spent finding, downloading, translating, spreading, adjusting and converting financial data
  • Easy to use data - All airlines are "spread" to an identical template which enhances usability of data
  • Access global trends and analysis - Coverage enables global analysis of industry and individual airline trends
  • Always up-to-date - financial information is updated as soon as it is released
  • Data adjustments enhance the comparability of information between airlines
  • For financiers and service providers, shorten deal approval cycle and improve delivery time to clients

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The Airline Analyst is an invaluable tool that saves us significant time and effort in collecting and collating competitor information in a consistent and comparable format. It is easy to use and well maintained. Whether it is part of wider review of the competitive landscape or an ad-hoc investigation into an individual airline, The Airline Analyst is our primary resource for competitor financial data.

Nick Wait, Strategy Manager, easyJet

"We believe we are early adopters of The Airline Analyst (TAA) and The Airline Analyst Financial Ratings (TAAFRS) and have become heavy users of both over the recent years. We regard them as extremely reliable tools, especially the diversity and number of airlines which make up the database and are crucial in providing us with relevant information for our day to day tasks, such as analysing airlines from the financial, operational and credit risk perspectives and ultimately studying whole specific markets as well."

Export Credit Agency (ECA)

“We are supporters of The Airline Analyst as we immediately saw the benefits of having a single reliable source for gathering and spreading airline financials. It is important to us that the team at The Airline Analyst had a background in aviation finance and that they shared our approach and methodology in analysing airline financials. The service saves us time and effort and is flexible and reliable. It is used regularly throughout the bank by our credit and advisory units.”

Managing Director, Japanese Bank

“I use TAA as it saves time by allowing me to do quick financial reviews and comparisons on airlines that are not current customers and by spreading foreign language reports into a standardized template. The currency conversion feature is helpful for peer comparisons.
The coverage list helps me identify which airlines release financial information in the public domain, including some privately-held airlines.

Risk analyst at operating lessor

“Airline Insights subscribed to TAA just over a year ago and during this time the front line support has been excellent. Having the opportunity to tap into the financial data made available by TAA has allowed our business to go to the next level. We use TAA for sourcing airline accounts that we cannot obtain easily ourselves and all the financial statements are presented in standard format and in English language.”

Chris Davey, Airline Insights

“The Airline Analyst has been very helpful to us at ORIX Aviation, enabling us in particular to make quick credit assessments on airlines we are not already familiar with, and to easily compare airlines against each other. It is like having an extra member of staff on the team.”

Rob Asher, ORIX Aviation Systems

“The Airline Analyst is a very useful and time-saving tool in our daily work, which enhances our working efficiency dramatically. I’m very impressed with the comprehensive coverage of over 200 airlines worldwide, deep analysis of the given data and quick update of recent figures. Moreover, TAAFRS acts as the best companion to The Airline Analyst, which can provide us an overall and dynamic view of the airline industry. I think TAA and TAAFRS are irreplaceable. “

Credit Assessment Department, CMB Financial Leasing, Co., Ltd.

"The Airline Analyst is a great tool for us and provides a lot of data and financial information on airlines from around the world. The information has become an important part of our internal rating system which helps us to evaluate the risk of airlines."

Michael Zhu Feng, Research Director, Bocomm Leasing

The Airline Analyst has been instrumental in SKY’s data driven underwriting process. The platform enables us to have a systematic approach in assessing and monitoring airline credit risk across the portfolio. TAA allows us to save time on spreading financials and focus more on the results.

Matt Crawford, SKY Leasing