The Airline Analyst

Your fast track to 300+ airline financials

We help you navigate rapid market shifts and negotiate the airline finance landscape.

Manage risk more effectively, improve credit assessment turnaround times and enhance your analysis with our highly trusted data service.

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A powerful airline financial data and analysis service

The Airline Analyst provides unparalleled specialist data on the financial and operational performance of more than 300 airlines. No one else in the industry comes close.

We focus only on the airline industry, which means we can provide you with better and specific information and analysis.

Our clients use The Airline Analyst to access our fact-checked data within the tool or choose to import data sets directly into their workflow via our easy-to-use API.

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What you get with The Airline Analyst

Specialist Intelligence

  • Airline industry-specific metrics across 300+ airlines, including airlines not available elsewhere
  • Quickly build customised reports, perform instant peer reviews, create airline groupings, and undertake geographic or industry comparisons.
  • Support detailed analysis of individual airlines over the past 12 months including calculated specialised ratios, revenues, cost structures and capital structures.

Trusted experience

  • Leasing companies, banks, airlines, OEMs and industry leaders rely on The Airline Analyst's financial data for decision making.
  • A rigorous data validation process ensures data integrity and is fully compliant with international reporting standards.
  • The team behind The Airline Analyst brings decades of airline banking industry expertise and experience.

Save Time and Resources

  • Cleaned, ready-to-use data frees up analysts’ time for better analysis and decision-making.
  • Financial information is updated the moment it is released, so the data is always relevant.
  • Enhance productivity of analyst resources and speed up decision-making to help you to respond quickly as opportunities or risks arise

API for efficient workflows

  • Automatically import financial and operational data directly into your preferred credit or CRM system.
  • Prepare multiple versions of reports for different uses – credit scoring, senior management briefings and more.
  • Access and update data faster to meet the demands of your stakeholders – call the API as frequently as you require.
  • Prevent your analysts from spending hours capturing airline financial data in-house.

"TAA saves me hiring a couple of credit analysts. One of the benefits is that it’s so industry-specific, they’ll go the extra mile to get additional coverage that helps us build a narrative."

Edward Hansom, Chief Investment Officer, Sirius Aviation Capital

"We believe we are early adopters of The Airline Analyst (TAA) and The Airline Analyst Financial Ratings (TAAFRS) and have become heavy users of both over the recent years. We regard them as extremely reliable tools, especially the diversity and number of airlines which make up the database and are crucial in providing us with relevant information for our day to day tasks, such as analysing airlines from the financial, operational and credit risk perspectives and ultimately studying whole specific markets as well."

Export Credit Agency (ECA)

“We are supporters of The Airline Analyst as we immediately saw the benefits of having a single reliable source for gathering and spreading airline financials. It is important to us that the team at The Airline Analyst had a background in aviation finance and that they shared our approach and methodology in analysing airline financials. The service saves us time and effort and is flexible and reliable. It is used regularly throughout the bank by our credit and advisory units.”

Managing Director, Japanese Bank

“I use TAA as it saves time by allowing me to do quick financial reviews and comparisons on airlines that are not current customers and by spreading foreign language reports into a standardized template. The currency conversion feature is helpful for peer comparisons.
The coverage list helps me identify which airlines release financial information in the public domain, including some privately-held airlines.

Risk analyst at operating lessor

“We can make our proposals more attractive compared to our competitors. We can continue to monitor performance throughout the deal process.”

Tyrone Chengyu He, Aviation Dept., CCB Leasing

“The Airline Analyst has been very helpful to us at ORIX Aviation, enabling us in particular to make quick credit assessments on airlines we are not already familiar with, and to easily compare airlines against each other. It is like having an extra member of staff on the team.”

Rob Asher, ORIX Aviation Systems

“The Airline Analyst is a very useful and time-saving tool in our daily work, which enhances our working efficiency dramatically. I’m very impressed with the comprehensive coverage of over 200 airlines worldwide, deep analysis of the given data and quick update of recent figures. Moreover, TAAFRS acts as the best companion to The Airline Analyst, which can provide us an overall and dynamic view of the airline industry. I think TAA and TAAFRS are irreplaceable. “

Credit Assessment Department, CMB Financial Leasing, Co., Ltd.

"The Airline Analyst is a great tool for us and provides a lot of data and financial information on airlines from around the world. The information has become an important part of our internal rating system which helps us to evaluate the risk of airlines."

Michael Zhu Feng, Research Director, Bocomm Leasing

The Airline Analyst has been instrumental in SKY’s data driven underwriting process. The platform enables us to have a systematic approach in assessing and monitoring airline credit risk across the portfolio. TAA allows us to save time on spreading financials and focus more on the results.

Matt Crawford, SKY Leasing

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