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Feature:Extracting value at a younger age

12 December 2011

The fact that several aircraft have gone to part out earlier than expected might worry investors that the economic life of aircraft is changing.

As you walk through Air Salvage International’s (ASI) hangar at Cotswolds Airport, Kemble it is not the Nimrod aircraft waiting to be pulled apart that is most intriguing. Despite the fact that employees of the teardown specialist were not allowed to enter the aircraft for seven days while armed guards removed all the data from the aircraft, it is still another plane, that performed perhaps less exciting missions, sitting just beside that tells a more interesting story: the seven year old 737-700 awaiting part out.

This is not the youngest aircraft that has gone to part out in recent months. But for an aircraft that has over 1,000 aircraft in service and orders of over 300 still to be delivered with limited slots available as Boeing continues to ramp up production, it is perplexing that there would not be more interest in the mid-life aircraft.

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