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Top talent recognized

07 October 2011

Eight law associates, acknowledged by Airfinance Journal readers, talk about why they chose aviation.

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Philip Lamzin, SNR Denton

Russian national Philip Lamzin works at SNR Denton's Moscow office. He previously spent three years at a leading Russian law firm after graduating. Although he started working in aviation only four years ago, Lamzin received the highest number of votes in this year's Airfinance Journal law survey.

SNR Denton's senior associate says he fell into aviation by chance, but he is happy with his choice. Despite the long hours, one of the best things about working in the industry is getting to see the results of your work, he says.

"Each time you board a plane, whether it's when you go on vacation or on a business trip, you see the fruits of your labour," says Lamzin.

He adds that another attraction of aviation law is being exposed to many different types of jurisdictions and people - although having clients in multiple time zones can make life...

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