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Editorial: The year of the lessor

07 March 2011

Over the next week Airfinance Journal will reveal 13 deal of the year winners online.

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Last year was the Chinese year of the tiger. But in aviation, 2010 was the year of the lessor. The capital markets returned fiercely with deep pockets for several issuers in this market, both old and new. That is why the awards recognize leasing companies' efforts to do deals and make markets in 2010.

The industry had more than $60 billion-worth of aircraft delivering last year - and aircraft leasing companies accounted for about 25% of those deliveries.

While lending to an aircraft lessor is a more secure investment - the portfolio is often spread out over multiple types of assets and credit risks - in times of strained liquidity airlines usually get preferential treatment from the banks. Airlines, after all, are the operators.

But, as lessors grow their share of the market from 25% to a predicted 40% over the next decade, according to some estimates, funding these companies...

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