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01 June 2005

In the first of a new regular section looking at aircraft values, Victoria Pennington asked three appraisers to consider one of the original middle-of-the market aircraft.

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Everyone may be focusing on the 787 and the A350, but anyone looking for an aircraft to fit that role now is in trouble. With the 787 not going into service until 2008 and the A350 programme not even formally launched, airlines looking for something to fill the gap are fighting for 767s. Unfortunately, lessors say they have none available.
The 767 family is the most widely used aircraft on transatlantic routes. The 767-300ER is the most common, with 464 aircraft in service with 90 airlines.
We asked three appraisers to value a 1995 767-300ER, with GE CF6-80C2 engines.

Jack B Feir & Associates – what more can you ask for?

Having been designed during the unprecedented increase in fuel prices in the 1970s, fuel economy was one of the key design objectives for the 767. The legacy of that drive for fuel economy was that the 767 could have exceptionally...

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