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01 August 2005

The battle for third place in the Airfinance Journal operating leasing league tables has intensified. Research and analysis by Victoria Pennington.

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Size may not matter, but few surveys in Airfinance Journal generate as much reaction as the annual operating lease survey. Lessors take the size of their portfolios seriously and many see size as way of demonstrating their commitment. Ironically, the two lessors who seem to care least about rankings are GE Capital Aviation Services and ILFC. The two know that their portfolios are so much bigger than everyone else that they are less concerned with other.

But it is the middle-ranking lessors that care the most. There is still a fierce competition to be the third largest lessor and Aviation Capital Group's acquisition of Boullioun has jumped the Californian lessor up the rankings.

Its competitors have greeted the move favourably: "We are in a business where volume has a big impact due to economies of scale," says Harry Forsyth, vice president marketing at AWAS. "Aviation Capital will not need to...

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