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The brakes are on at Ilyushin

01 September 2005

A faulty breaking system led to the recent grounding of the Il-96-300, a fact that Aeroflot has highlighted. In the first of a new column, Steve Thomson, editor of Concise Aerospace (, reports.

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Despite a very strong performance from the Russian aerospace sector at the recent MAKS-2500 Air Show, the industry continues to be dogged by old problems. These can best be illustrated by the recent grounding of the Il-96-300 after the discovery of faults with the aircraft's braking system.

The grounding of the aircraft embodies many of the issues that have beset the sector over the past 10 years. The industry has struggled to find a course between the obstacles of perennial Russian political intrigue and influence, continues to produce a poor-quality product as a result of outdated work practises, has had many years of underinvestment and lacks the political will to restructure the industry fundamentally.

Since entering service almost 12 years ago, the Il-96-300 has left a litany of complaints from its operators about almost every aspect of its performance. Aeroflot, having developed such a loathing for the aircraft, has mounted...

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