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01 September 2005

Like all Boeing executives, Scott Carson, vice-president of sales, is proud of his company and is confident of its future.

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Boeing is back on top. Rather than sitting by and watching Airbus march off with order after order, the US manufacturer has turned the tables on its European rival this year.

Scott Carson was appointed as vice-president of sales in December 2004 with a brief to rebuild relationships with Boeing's global customers and increase sales. He seems to have succeeded.

"One challenge I was faced with was to focus on rebuilding the relationship with our customers around the world," says Carson. "In the time after 9/11 we focused more on helping US carriers to reshape their airlines and neglected the rest of the world for a time. Now we are using more of our resources and are taking advantage of all of our relationships within the company to reach out to our global customers. We are all out in the field contacting our key customers around the world and this...

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