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01 September 2005

Airbus is involved in a price war with Boeing, and the battle for orders is looking close. None of this, though, seems to worry John Leahy, Airbus' chief operating officer.

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John Leahy is on holiday in New York. Well, as on holiday as Airbus' chief operating officer and top salesman ever gets.

Fresh from flying around the world to apologize personally to airline CEOs about the A380 delays, Leahy is taking a few days holiday from his famously busy schedule. Yet he still agrees to talk to the press about Airbus.

It is more than 20 years since Leahy joined the European manufacturer, and as his willingness to interrupt his holiday proves, he is still dedicated to selling aircraft.

"Nothing happens at Airbus without sales," he says.

Having dedicated much of his time at Airbus to overtaking Boeing, he is aiming to retain a market share of between 40% to 60% – something that Leahy believes is not as difficult as catching the market share in the first place.

"Operators like to have a choice of two suppliers – and I...

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