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Single Aisle Battles

01 November 2005

Rising fuel prices are increasing pressure on manufacturers to improve engine efficiency. Geoff Hearn looks at how IAE and CFM are reacting to the problem.

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The struggle between engine manufacturers CFM International and IAE is as keenly fought as that between Boeing and Airbus. As with the airframe manufacturers, fuel efficiency is always a key area of competition and now more than ever.

The two engine manufacturers make claim and counter claim, but most airlines believe that IAE's V2500 can be more fuel efficient on some routes. However, V2500 engines are more complex, so maintenance costs are generally higher.

Whether the increased fuel price significantly alters the balance in operating cost of the two engines is contentious.

Both manufacturers contest orders as hard as Airbus and Boeing – in fact, the two follow the aircraft makers around the world. The latest fight was for the contract to power Indian start-up Indigo's 100 A320 order. IAE won.

IAE says that the deal for 100 aircraft represents its largest firm order and is worth $1.7 billion. Bruce Ashby,...

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